I AM Smart: A Guide to Recognizing and Developing Your Child's Natural Strengths

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DAWNA MARKOVA Ph. D. and ANGIE MCARTHUR are striving to revolutionize the way parents approach their children’s education. A leading educator and psychologist, Dr. Markova noticed in her decades of work that parents tend to focus on correcting their children’s weaknesses. But in this groundbreaking book based on the world-renowned SmartWired program that she co-founded with Angie, Dawna demonstrates a more effective strategy that centers on building a child’s strengths. This approach not only helps children discover their passion and purpose in life but also instills in them a strong sense of self-worth — which in turn makes them highly motivated to learn.

In Dawna’s years as a teacher and with their work with SmartWired, Dawna and Angie came to understand that by recognizing and developing children’s unique assets, parents can help them succeed not just in school but in life. They cite compelling anecdotes across all age groups and reveal practical strategies: the essential principles of the SmartWired approach to learning, the three kinds of attention the human brain uses, and the five categories of children’s assets. Instead of focusing on what a child can’t do, this book helps recognize and utilize all the ways a child is naturally brilliant.