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Lead, Develop, Build, and Integrate your vision of the world.

As Thinking Partners we help you:

  • Discover solutions that anticipate the future;
  • Organize your thinking to get to the next level in your business career;
  • Become more adaptive, intuitive, innovative and creative;
  • Get the most out of the team or group you are working with;
  • Increase productivity and profitability.

Angie McArthur

Angie is an author and CEO of Professional Thinking Partners. In her coaching work, she guides you to explore different ways to relate to people and the problems in your life in a way that brings out your best. You will uncover the specific ways you are gifted; learn how you best communicate and approach challenges; and identify what kind of thinking depletes you and what engages and inspires you.

Mary Jane Ryan

MJ is founder and former CEO of Conari Press, one of the most successful entrepreneurial book publishers in the U.S. She draws from this experience to create thinking partnerships that focus on helping leaders at six key turns in their careers—from managing self to managing others, to managing managers, to managing a function, to managing a unit, to managing a business, to managing an enterprise.

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