Visual Strategies and Prezi Design

Angie McArthur has quickly become one of the most coveted Prezi designers available. Combining her years of experience with PTP’s multidimensional thinking practice and her international background in designing and creating visual thinking tools for clients, Angie has created impactful Prezi’s for keynote speeches, presentations, and internal and external communications for individuals and companies. Prezi is a new form of presentation software that has quickly taken off- they recently surpassed 10 million users-because it is fresh, dynamic, interactive, and multiple layers and relationships of different kinds of information in one canvas.

Inc. magazine says “Prezi isn't just PowerPoint 2.0. Instead, it's more of a visual quest, or journey.” It has proven especially effective for accompanying keynote speeches, where PowerPoint remains limited by its linear and sequential nature.

I Will Not Die screenshot

        Above is a Prezi Angie created for Dawna Markova's book Wide Open. Click it to view/navigate.