Talent GPS

Talent GPS: A Comprehensive Approach

Combining the latest research on individual optimization and team enablers, PTP has developed a groundbreaking interactive set of tools called the Talent GPS.

Easy to navigate and use, the Talent GPS is an ongoing enabler to increase individual, team, and organizational effectiveness.

Dynamic assessments

The Talent GPS is designed to be used day-to-day by individual, team and leadership. It is easily implemented with minimal training. Features include:

  • An online strengths assessment for each team member, with pop up suggestions for development.
  • A map of the diverse thinking talents within the team.
  • An analysis of the team’s thinking talent profile and suggestions for maximizing overall team effectiveness.
  • Ability to search for thinking that is missing in a team and needed for a project.
  • Tools for aligning talents and tasks, sharing expertise, moving beyond “stuck” thinking, and developing collaborative excellence.
  • Meeting tools to optimize various modes of decision-making, accountability, and evaluation.