Research Underpinnings

ResearchResearch Behind the Talent GPS

The Talent GPS uses three models synthesized from PTP’s founder Dr. Dawna Markova’s 40 years of study in cognitive neuroscience and established benchmarks in organizational development:

  • Domains of Competence and Thinking Talents reveal the ways of thinking about complex challenges that actually energize and foster excellence. The more people use these ways of thinking, the more of their potential they draw upon and the more effective they are at solving complex problems with others. In a study of 19,187 employees in 29 countries, the Corporate Leadership Council found that an emphasis on talents increased performance 34%.
  • Mind Patterns are the unique ways of processing information that influence learning and communication. These patterns reflect how visual, auditory, and kinesthetic input are used by individuals to organize, sort and generate ideas. Recognizing one’s Mind Pattern helps maximize productivity, innovation, and effective communication.