Intellectual Diversity for Teams

Intellectual Diversity for Teams Package
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Maximizing the Intellectual Diversity In Your Organization

This package includes: 1 DVD, 2 booklets, 2 card sets, 2 charts.

In today’s highly competitive environment, it is crucial to an organization’s success that people know how to think well together to reach key business results quickly, resolve conflict productively, and optimize decision-making and accountability.

This package teaches how to recognize the diversity of intellectual assets and utilize them in order to maximize individual and organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

More details:

This package can be used for working teams, on-boarding new hires, and organizations as a whole. It identifies two kinds of intellectual differences. The first , Mind Patterns, is focused on how each of our minds pays attention. It’s equivalent to the “hardwiring” each brain uses to process information. Based on forty years of research, it identifies six unique ways of thinking, each with its own way of organizing, making decisions, and thinking creatively. Derived from where the information is stored in the brain, it reflects the sequence individuals take in and express visual, auditory, and kinesthetic information. The more people recognize their pattern, the more they can use it effectively; and the more they understand others’ thinking patterns, the more they can maximize team effectiveness.

The second model, Thinking Talents, identifies what each of us persistently gives our attention to. Think of it as the “software” programs your brain naturally prefers to run. Research of over 2 million shows, that the more individuals understand how to recognize and use their own innate thinking talents, the more of their potential they will be able to draw upon. The more they understand the thinking talents of team members, the more effective they will be at developing rapport, thinking well together, and solving complex problems.

This package includes:

  • Mind Pattern mapping chart
  • Mind Pattern card set
  • “Bridging Our Differences”- A 30-minute DVD showing the 6 Mind Patterns in action.
  • Thinkability
  • Thinking Talent cards
  • Thinking Talent Mapping chart
  • Working with Thinking Talents Handbook

Mind Patterns

The Mind Pattern Mapping Chart allows you to record each team member’s pattern to get a picture of the whole. “Bridging Our Differences” and Thinkability goes into depth about what it means to use a particular Mind Pattern and how to work well with each pattern.

Thinking Talents

Use the Thinking Talent cards to assess the Thinking Talents of each member of the team. The Thinking Talent mapping chart allows a team to map areas of existing talent and note missing competencies for better task/talent alignment and greater efficiency of thinking. Working with Thinking Talents gives suggestions for utilizing and developing your own talents and those of others to create excellence in individuals and teams.

We at PTP specialize in creating customized team engagements using these materials. If you would be interested in learning more, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About Professional Thinking Partners (PTP)

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