Intellectual Diversity for Families

Intellectual Diversity for Families Pack
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Maximizing How Your Child Is Smart

This package includes: 5 books, 1 activity set and 1 family Thinking Talent map. By purchasing this package you save 10% off the listed price, and receive a complimentary Thinking Talent Map that you can use for your whole family.

These materials give you a whole different way of looking at, and relating to, your child. Rather than cataloging all that may be wrong or weak, you will learn how to recognizing, utilizing and developing your child’s natural gifts and talents to achieve excellence.

More Details:

This package includes:

  • Smart Parenting Revolution
  • SmartWired Activity Set
  • Thinkability
  • How Your Child IS Smart
  • Learning Unlimited
  • Family Thinking Talent map

We suggest that you read The Smart Parenting Revolution first. It offers an overview to this asset-focused way of supporting and relating to your child. It introduces you to five kinds of natural assets that make up the acronym SMART: Successes, Mind Patterns, Attractions and Interests, Resources and Thinking Talents. You’ll learn why it’s important not only to discover your child’s SMART talents, but your own.

You can then use the Get SmartWired card set to learn to recognize yours (and your child’s) SMART assets. Once you’ve done the process of recognition, it’s time for utilization and development. Thinkability will help you go deeper into understanding your own Mind Pattern, which is your unique way of processing information and communicating to others (how you give your attention), while How Your Child Is Smart goes into depth about your child’s Mind Pattern. Learning Unlimited is a resource to help your child, with homework, no matter his or her assets. And you can refer to Smart Parenting Revolution throughout, as it offers support in all three phases: recognition, utilization and development.

Note: These materials were written at different times. Mind Patterns are also referred to as Personal Thinking Patterns or Thinking Patterns. And the quiz in Chapter 4 of How Your Child is Smart has been superceded by the Get SmartWired card set. It should not be used to identify your child’s Mind Pattern.

About Dawna Markova and PTP

Dawna Markova, Ph.D is internationally known for her groundbreaking work in learning and perception to help adults and children learn with passion and live on purpose. She is the CEO of Professional Thinking Partners (PTP), a group of consultants whose expertise lies in the expansion of human capacity. Her clients include CEO's and senior leaders of several Fortune 500 companies, including Royal Dutch Shell, Frito Lay, Xerox, Ford, EDS, Daimler-Chrysler, and Hewlett-Packard; and governments including The Government of Nigeria; the Canadian health care system. In addition, she has worked with many non-profit organizations, including foundations and school systems around the world. The author of many books, she is a popular keynote speaker at business and educational conferences around the globe, last year alone she spoke to over 11,000 in eight countries. She was recently honored with the Visions to Action Award, “for people who have made a profound contribution to the world.”